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La India Packing Company

For 76 years life has been spicy for the Rodriguez family, descendents of Antonio Rodriguez. Don Antonio started his business by making and selling piruli, a Mexican candy. He and his wife, Antonia Villarreal Rodriguez, opened La India Packing Company, Inc. in 1924, selling sundries and Mexican chocolate from their small grocery located in a little house on Marcella Avenue. 

Don Antonio delivered his products via bicycle and Doña Antonia helped by grinding Cacao by hand on her metate from which he made his delicious hot chocolate drink, still very popular. Eventually Mexican spices were included in the inventory from which he creatively blended his famous chorizo, menudo, and chocolate blends, which Elsa credits as the main reason for staying in business.

At La India you can purchase their complete line of products as well as many other miscellaneous “tie-in” items, such as cook and herb books, molcajetes, and tea infusors. They have introduced new products to the expanding market, including Tejano seasoning, orange pepper, pineapple pepper, roasted garlic pepper, fajita lemon, pica rico seasoning for fruits, vegetables, snacks, and many more seasonings.

A small on-site restaurant the tasting room cafe features teas, coffees and Don Antonio’s famous hot Mexican chocolate along with grilled chicken and fajita plates that include grilled veggies, their famous chicken-salad sandwiches, and other grilled favorites.

La India Packing Company
1520 Marcella
Laredo, Texas  78040
Ph. (956) 723-3772  Fax (956) 726-2614


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