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The Graff family in Hondo, Texas own a corn maize and cattle ranch. Their ranching heritage dates back to 1847 when Louis Graff  immigrated to Texas and was one of the original settlers in Castroville. 7A Ranch Heritage Beef cattle are free range and raised naturally without the use of synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. Ken and Laurie Graff represent the 5th generation to live and work on the 7A Ranch.

From their website

Through the implementation of rotational grazing, our herd is always on fresh healthy grass, thereby producing a healthy animal. The cattle are never placed in a feedlot situation but are supplemented in the pasture environment. We personally grind and mix all of our cattle’s feed on our ranch. Whenever possible we use grain and forages produced on our farm so we can be assured of its quality. We use no herbicides or pesticides on our land. We feel a biologically diverse environment will take care of itself. Our fertilizers match the compounds naturally occurring in our soils. The use of fish emulsion and blackstrap molasses is the backbone of our nutrient applications. Crop rotations and the use of legumes greatly enhance the biodiversity of our croplands.

The South Texas MAiZE, a unique outdoor fall recreational event was established in 2001 to compliment the activities of the diverse farm and ranch and to share how agriculture plays an important role in our everyday lives.

Round trip transportation can be provided from San Antonio to their ranch and they will also ship their gorgeous beef anywhere in the continental US.

The Graff Family 7a Ranch and Corn Maize
545 Private Road 4420
Hondo, Texas 78861



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