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Learned last night that a butter named “Falfurrias” is carried at the local store. Falfurrias is a town in South Texas.  A quick Google search reveals some of the butter’s history, at a creamery established in 1909 by Edward C. Lasater (1860-1930), a South Texas rancher, dairyman, and land developer.  As you can see by the packaging and readily available information,  it appears this butter is a proper South Texas gem.

It seemed too good to be true. And it was.

Turns out Falfurrias butter isn’t made in Falfurrias at all. It’s made in East Texas at the DFA Winnsboro plant and packaged/marketed/distributed through DFA.  Hard to tell when they sold out, but I estimate it has been at least 40 years based on the looks of the abandoned Falfurrias creamery, which now houses the local newspaper. It has also proven difficult to get information from the Falfurrias chamber of commerce or Keller or DFA (which owns Keller). DFA is huge. Headquarters? Kansas City, MO.

Falfurrias Creamery, now housing local newspaper publisher.

What really steams my pickle is the misleading advertising. The website says: “Family. Tradition. Falfurrias.  One of Texas’ best-loved and most familiar butter brands, Falfurrias Butter has been a Texas institution since 1909.”  Well…umm…not really. A substantial number of people are increasingly drawn to local products, hoping to support smaller producers and intentionally seeking out ones like Falfurrias butter.  Do the milk and ingredients for the butter come from Texas (better yet, South Texas) dairy cows? Is it still being made by the Lasater family? How would we know it’s manufactured in the same plant using the same ingredients as Borden‘s? We wouldn’t.

If Edward C. Lasater knew, he might be churning in his grave.

*I have no idea what that means but it feels fantastic to say.


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