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So excited can hardly stand it. Found a great source for fish (thank you Jim Naismith!). Last night we served an amazing yellow tilefish for dinner. Kept it simple with searing, roasting and butter. Dressed with a charred tomato sherry soy vinaigrette + blanched green beans.  It was a beautiful fish, found in local Gulf waters. Can’t wait to add more of these beauties to the Glow menu.


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Tweak tweak.

Like little birdies building our nest, we are improving Glow one day at a time. A simple arrow under the sign at the street is going up to help direct new guests to our hidden location behind the sailboat; cafe lights are being hung on the building to create a more inviting outdoor area; yucca trees and a big ol’ agave are about to become part of Glow landscape. Inside we are expanding our wine list (thank you Coyam for making such a gorgeous organic red wine), rolling out and slicing pappardelle ribbons, and sourcing, sourcing, sourcing more seafood to round out the game. Team is learning, stabilizing, improving. Frustrations into realizations into acceptance. And then all over again. Tweak.

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