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Nemo, Madonna & Soul 2 Soul

It has been really tough here lately at Glow. And with the challenges I keep finding songs popping in my head to get me through the rough spots. “Just keep swimming…” is a regular one thanks to my three sons and their love of Nemo and all things Disney. Madonna and her “Holiday” also a winner for the upbeat tempo/rhythm/thingy that keeps us going as we chop shallots. And finally, the old favorite “Keep on Movin” by Soul 2 Soul busts out whenever things get really, really, really nasty. Like third degree burns on the hand from wild boar sausage grease. Tasty though..the sausage that is.


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What an insane few months. Launched a restaurant called Glow down here in Rockport, Texas in early May and it’s been baptême du feu since day one.  The community has been very supportive as have weekenders from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and beyond. Training and maintaining kitchen staff has been a real struggle, but the ones still remaining are rock solid. Glow wouldn’t be possible without them. Gotta keep on keepin’ on…

Happy Fourth Everyone! x

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