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Ne te quaesiveris extra.

South Texas Food. Local schmocal. Ironic? Contradiction? Both…neither?

2011 is certain to be filled with exciting new challenges and still-unresolved resolutions. Trying to figure out what makes a food a South Texas food has been tricky but a new appreciation has been found for globalization. Eating dirt and sucking on mesquite beans could get old.  So, it’s got me thinking about the benefits and downsides of ‘local’ and jarred the old bean of a recently published book by a faculty member of my alma mater, SWT (I know, Texas State University now, but can’t bring myself to revise it. Ugh.).

James McWilliams is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at SWT/TSU and the author of  “Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly”. This book “outlines the shortcomings of contemporary ideology regarding ‘food miles‘ and offers a series of prescriptive ideas for a more just, environmentally sustainable food system.” What one might like about his writing is that it offers a balance between the fashionably foodie idealists and the overzealous agribusiness capitalists. Critics might dismiss this book, as McWilliams offers no clear financials, statistics or scientific evidence to back up his ideas, but that shouldn’t dissuade anyone from giving it a glance. Numbers can be subjective, too.

Here’s to self-reliance and trusting your gut in 2011. Giddy-uppah!


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