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STF Holiday Wish List

After zig-zagging across the state to gobble turkey with the family, December is now upon us with thoughts of South Texas sugar plums dancing in our heads. This holiday wish list could go on forever (kayak red fish trip, champagne quail hunt at a plush South Texas lodge, an Asprey & Gerrard shotgun – though $100k might be a bit steep…), but I have managed to whittle the list down to these juicy nuggets:

1. CIA cooking class gift card for the Mexican Cuisine Boot Camp in the foodie’s heavenly city of San Antonio, TX.  The focus here is on corn and its use in everyday foods, including small bites for cocktail parties.

2. Rattlesnake Olive Oil from Texas Olive Ranch in Carrizo Springs, TX.
This extra virgin Arbequina variety olive oil is infused with chipotle and dressed up with festive cracked red pepper. Their Figalicious balsamic vinegar looks tempting, too (stocking stuffer, anyone?).

3. Creole Garlic
This little bulb grows well in South Texas and is also called Ajo Rojo. It’s a bit spicier than your supermarket variety, but it seems to be sold out everywhere.  Like the “Tickle Me Elmo” of the garlic world.

4. Broken Arrow Ranch Exotic package.
A game-lovers gourmet goody basket filled with tasty meats such as South Texas Antelope Filets, Wild Boar Smoked Sausage and ground Venison. Perfect for winter stews, meat pies or grilling on the beach (’cause we can do that in South Texas).

5. Mesquite Bean Syrup
Handmade in Texas with mesquite beans. Lovely, clean, honey-lemon flavor comes straight from the bean itself, no additives or flavorings. This syrup compliments any Texas style breakfast or I use mine to sweeten mesquite pecan shortbread.

6. Pecan Meal from Cuero Pecan House
Also called pecan flour, this can be used as a substitute for many flours in baking and cooking. Hoping to try this in a pie crust, my banana bread recipe…crumble toppings…aforementioned shortbread…

7. Wild Apricot Tree from Amber’s Edibles
This gorgeous tree is a delicious and hardy relative of the Kei Apple and makes a fantastic juice.  It is seaside and salt tolerant and very easy to grow and care for. With my deadly green thumb, I hope it’s exceptionally easy to care for (i.e. immortal).

8. Membership to Foodways Texas
Foodways Texas is a spanking new grassroots organization with a simple mission: to preserve, promote and celebrate the diverse food cultures of the Lone Star State.   Tastings, workshops, lectures, documentary films, and other foodie events are being planned for 2011. What a great way to support Texas’ unique foodstuffs!

All for now, please let me know if you have any other South Texas gift ideas! Would love to hear them…

Happy Holidays!  x KBJ

p.s. If you are salivating over the Asprey & Gerrard SG, take a peek here.




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