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Foodways Texas

The Founding Fifty :: Foodways Texas (courtesy Robb Walsh)

Foodways Texas (FTX) was launched a week or so ago with the aim to promote, preserve and celebrate the diverse food cultures of Texas. This organization has been modeled after the Southern Foodways Alliance, an 800-member group based at the University of Mississippi in Oxford that documents and studies foods of the American South. Texas as we all know is not part of the South, so we had to start our own group. The founding fifty came from all over the state to Texas A&M in College Station and included academics, chefs, food producers and food writers. Who made the cut? Bryan Caswell (Reef), Melissa Guerra, Jim Gossen (seafood dealer), Alan Lazarus (Vespaio), Jeff Savell and Davey Griffin (Texas A&M meat science professors), Robb Walsh…Look for more info soon.


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